Stan Walz
Chief Executive Officer

Stan Walz serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of VectorCSP. After taking the helm in 2006, he leveraged a strong career spanning more than 35 years in military and government logistics to dramatically improve both growth and profitability. His expertise in strategic leadership helps align Vector clients with proven tactical or business plans that boost performance levels.

Stan is focused on optimizing each client’s goals while managing the trade-offs among Cost, Schedule, and Performance. Under his watch, every employee is focused on each client’s success. He actively leads strategic programs that enable logistics transformations and acquisitions of critical aviation and surface assets.

Before joining Vector, Stan held key positions that provided valuable insights into the unique challenge his clients face each day. As vice president for U.S. Coast Guard Programs for Perot Systems Government Services, he developed and managed $140 million of logistics and information technology programs. Prior to that he was the Commanding Officer of a key Coast Guard Air Station, a U.S. Department of Transportation Fellow, and worked with the Secretary of Defense and Department of Defense.

Stan was a designated Navy and Coast Guard aviator, worked at the Pentagon and at Coast Guard Headquarters, and served at multiple operational and logistics commands both CONUS and OCONUS He holds an MBA from Corpus Christi State University, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Saint Joseph’s College.

  • Aviation Command Safety Course, Navy PG School, Monterey, California, 1994
  • S. Department of Transportation Fellows Program, 1992
  • HU-25A Aircraft Systems Maintenance, 1983
  • HU-25A Pilot Transition Course, 1983
  • ATF-3 Garrett Engine Maintenance Course, 1983
  • T-56 Turboprop Engine Maintenance Course, 1979
  • USCG Aircraft Maintenance Officer Course, 1978
  • Jet Engine Accident Investigation for Engineers, USAF, 1979
  • Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) Planning, 1976