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H-65 Short- Range Recovery (SRR) Team Upgrade Project making headway

By March 2015February 18th, 2016News & Events

Scott Boyson, Project Manager for the H-65 SRR upgrade, is proud of his team’s accomplishments. “The H-65 SRR Engineering Services contract has had a lot happening in the last six months. Tasking is to implement Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) working in conjunction with Rockwell Collins Inc., the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the system. Last summer the wiring and assembly were completed and initial power-on and software checks were successful on the prototype aircraft. This allowed us to move forward to engine starts and ground runs. After initial tests, some minor software changes were required and the project team installed two more new systems and corrected some minor wiring issues. The Coast Guard is moving forward with performing a 100% re-wire of the entire aircraft during the upgrade. A second aircraft to validate and verify the modification procedures will be provided this summer. Kudos and appreciation from the Coast Guard to the entire team is commonplace. These men and women have done a lot of hard work and there’s a lot more to be done in the future.”